SLEEP & YOUR CHILD'S TEMPERAMENT Using your child's personaility to achieve blissful sleep


The road to sleep training is not always easy. In fact, most of us don’t even think of what we do at night as ‘training.’ It is how we end the day, and we seldom consider the long term effects of our efforts. After a day of play, interaction and loving our baby, we lay them into bed, sing a lullaby and kiss their forehead. We may smile, confident that baby will sleep through the night. Often, the dream of a peaceful night for our family is replaced by a crying baby, angry toddler and frustrated parent. The hope for peaceful baby sleep is gone, and toddler sleep seems like a myth. We have a bedtime routine, sing every nursery rhyme ever written and buy cute nightlights. What we fail to realize is the role our child’s temperament plays in sleep training. In ‘Sleep and Your Child’s Temperament,’ discover how important your child’s personality is in achieving the rest they need. Whether baby sleep, toddler sleep or the sleep of preschool children, learn how to help your child – and you – get a good night’s sleep.

“Easily my favorite sleep book… And I have read A LOT. My second son is a terrible sleeper. He’s a high needs/intense/difficult/psychotic baby and I was so glad to find something that helped me understand him better and figure out how to get more sleep for everyone one.” Sarah

“I’m a big fan of this author! I’ve met her many times in Seattle at consulting coffee shop talks. She’s down to earth and believes in consistent & gradual change, not harsh rigid techniques that don’t suit your baby’s personality.” Jennifer


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