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    “After many, many sleepless nights, lots of tears and long and exhausting days, we came across with Rebecca. We couldn’t believe it was possible to turn around our baby’s sleeping habits in such a small amount of time. Our 9 month old baby went from waking up to 8 times at night to only once to feed!

    Rebecca’s passion and experience in helping families put us at ease and made this process smoother. She was always available to answer our questions in a prompt manner and very thorough the entire process. We know that parenthood doesn’t stop here and that we will have many other challenges as our baby grows and develops but we now have a very solid foundation and feel very confident about our ability to handle future bumps in the road. Thank you so very much, Rebecca, for giving us the gift of sleep!”

    Karla, Jeff & Ian


    “When we called Rebecca, we were getting desperate. Our daughter was 4 months old, and her sleep seemed to be getting worse, not better — on bad nights, she was waking almost every hour. I was headed back to work, and I didn’t know how I was going to function. I read all the baby books, but they all called for something different — I knew I didn’t want to have our daughter “cry it out,” but I wasn’t sure which of the other methods would work. We called Rebecca…and within three days of starting the customized plan she developed, our daughter was only waking up once in 12 hours overnight!! We haven’t looked back — she is now 18 months old, and hasn’t woken up overnight in over a year. Plus, she loves her nap and bedtime routines, and she wakes up so happy every morning! If you’re thinking about calling Rebecca, do it. We still can’t stop talking about how amazing she is and how happy we are that we called her.”



    "When we first contacted Rebecca, we were co-sleeping with our colicky son and not by choice.  He woke so often in the night, it was almost impossible for me to function the next day and of course he was a terrible napper as well.  We decided that something had to be done.  I knew after my first phone call with Rebecca that she was exactly what we needed.  She explained that with children like mine, we had to take baby steps teaching him to fall asleep and stay asleep.  I almost didn’t believe her that it was possible!  I lacked the confidence to execute a plan.  I “thought” I knew what to do but I questioned if it was really the right thing.  I was terrified of establishing bad sleep habits.  Rebecca gave my husband and I confidence, support and guidance.  We went from our son sleeping in our bed waking at least every hour and and taking horrible naps to him sleeping all night in his crib with one wake up and two great naps each day!  It’s so nice to have some freedom and also have a happy, well rested child!! I can’t thank Rebecca enough."

    Janet B. 


    “We contacted Rebecca when our baby was 6 months old. Naps were nonexistent and bedtime was hopeless, with the little guy up every 1-2 hours ALL night through. I was exhausted, averaging just a few hours of total sleep at night. Something had to change, but nothing we tried worked. We’d just never experienced sleep issues with our toddler and were completely at a loss. Enter Rebecca. With her support and guidance, our spirited little baby became a consistent and reliable sleeper. It was a remarkable transformation…to have him go from needing to nurse to sleep and waking every 1-2 hours, to putting himself to sleep and sleeping 8+ hours in a stretch at night PLUS taking good naps! I highly recommend Rebecca to any exhausted parent. She really can help you get some sleep!”



    “Before working with Rebecca, the only way my daughter would go to sleep is by being rocked to sleep. Every night, my husband would carry her and climb up and down the stairs in our apartment building for an hour before she would fall asleep. The first night we tried all of Rebecca’s suggestions, our daughter fell asleep in her own crib without being rocked, and slept for 7 hours straight! That’s never happened before. Now our daughter falls asleep on her own and sleeps through the night. We could not have gotten here without Rebecca’s support. We cannot thank her enough for all her help! Our daughter went from a grumpy baby who was constantly tired, to a very happy 6 month old! Thank you so much, Rebecca!!!”



    “Being a second-time mom I thought I knew what I was doing and how to avoid dangerous sleep problems.  I was wrong.  We had a 2½ year old who STILL wasn’t sleeping well and a 6 month old who was starting not to sleep without me nursing her down or back to sleep.  Logically I knew what was wrong but I didn’t know how to get myself out of it. Rebecca was/is a life saver! She knew exactly what to do and helped me feel comfortable and supported in the days ahead. She got our 6 month old sleeping 8-9 hours straight very quickly and helped shed some light on what was going on with our 2½ year old.  She was incredibly supportive, responsive, and caring. I never felt that she was judging me or irritated when I would fall into old habits. I wish I knew about her with our first child. She is every parents ‘must have’ tool. Thank you Rebecca for finally giving our family some sleep!!”

    Alexis R.



We will find the perfect routines for your child.


Set up the perfect sleep environment. 


We will gently work with your child and their unique temperament to get them the best nap possible.

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