Is your child’s continual lack of sleep impacting your productivity, affecting their behavior, and causing you undue stress?

Children under the age of five who don’t get sufficient sleep are more likely to develop behavioral disorders and twice as likely to become obese in their lifetime. The importance of sleep, for you and your child, cannot be understated.

Private consultations give you exclusive access to Rebecca Michi, nationally-known children’s sleep expert and acclaimed author of the book Sleep and Your Child’s Temperament. 

Rebecca developed her proprietary method, The Michi Method no-cry sleep training technique, from over a decade of hands-on work helping children and parents around the globe.

The Michi Method no-cry sleep training technique has allowed hundreds of families to reclaim their sleep and resume their busy lives in a short amount of time. If you’re ready to end bedtime battles and start sleeping better tonight, let Rebecca Michi put her unique method to work for you.


“British priestess of sleep.”

– TIME.com


Our journey together is customized to meet your child’s individual sleep needs, I handcraft a strategy to ensure we meet your goals. Are you ready to help your child get the sleep they need and you deserve?

Package 1

  • One phone call a week (usually a Wednesday ).
  •  Two days of emails (usually Monday and Friday).
  • Identification of your child’s unique temperament.
  • Personalized written sleep plan.
  • Plans usually take four weeks, but for certain families, this may take between 4 and six weeks. This usually depends on the child’s temperament. You are not charged extra if we go over four weeks.

Package 2

  • Two phone calls a week (usually Tuesday and Thursday).
  • Three days of emails (usually Monday, Wednesday, and Friday).
  • Identification of your child’s unique temperament.
  • Personalized written sleep plan.
  • Plans usually take four weeks, but for certain families, this may take between 4 and six weeks. This usually depends on the child’s temperament. You are not charged extra if we go over four weeks.

Package 3

  • Unlimited phone calls per week we have at least three calls scheduled each week.
  • Daily email check-in.
  • Text messaging support for urgent questions.
  • Weekend support at the start of sleep training.
  • Identification of your child’s unique temperament.
  • Personalized written sleep plan.
  • Plans usually take four weeks, but for certain families, this may take between 4 and six weeks. This usually depends on the child’s temperament. You are not charged extra if we go over four weeks.
  • “Thank you Rebecca!  Our spirited 6month old was pretty much sleep deprived during his first few months of life without us knowing it.  We all were exhausted by the time we reached out to Rebecca. From the very first phone call with Rebecca I knew that she would be able to help us. She met with us in person, met our little boy and put together a tailored plan specifically to suit  him. It took consistency and diligence on our end as parents, but the results speak for themselves. Now when our son isn’t sleeping very well if it’s not due to teething or illness we’re able to pin point the cause and I hate to say it but it’s because we (my husband and I) didn’t stick to the guidelines and approaches that Rebecca taught us. It’s so reassuring knowing what works, having a plan in place and basic sleep/self soothing tactics to use when needed. Our baby is now 9 months and a much happier well rested baby thanks to Rebecca.”


  • “I contacted Rebecca when my son was almost 6 months old. He was sleeping well at night but naps were horrible and he was terribly overtired. Rebecca really listened to my concerns and we came up with a plan to get him sleeping better during the day. She involved my young toddler too and our plan fit into our lifestyle. Rebecca offered encouragement and support when things were down and celebrated when they came back up. My son still sleeps well at night and is now sleeping in later, is consistently taking two good naps a day and going to bed at a reasonable time. I thank Rebecca from the bottom of my heart to help us have a happy baby!”

    – Heather, Makayla and Gavin

  • “We went to Rebecca after it was taking many hours to get our 4 month old to bed. She would go down, wake up every 5-10 minutes, and so on for a good 1-2 hours every night. Honestly, we were skeptical about using a sleep consultant. However, we now have an 8 month old who sleeps either all night long or wakes for one brief night feeding. We could not have gotten here without Rebecca’s help and would highly recommend her to anyone struggling with their child’s sleep issues!”


  • My husband and I were beyond desperate for sleep. We had a baby who woke every hour to hour and half for 6 solid months. Now, he is 10 months old and sleeps through the night!! And it happened very fast this shift. Rebecca gave us concrete steps to follow and having someone to check in with every day was exactly what I needed to stay the course and make the changes we needed to make. My baby is so much happier and my husband and I are sleeping in the same bed again!! Life is  much better with sleep. I only wish I had called Rebecca sooner.”


  • “Rebecca offered what my collection of sleep books did not—a tailored approach, troubleshooting tips, and constant support. She works hard to understand unique challenges and answers questions with patience and empathy. My 5 month old went from hourly wake-ups at night and 30 min naps during the day to sleeping through the night with 2 hour naps! Wholeheartedly recommend her to all parents who would like better sleep for their family!”

    —Abby T.

  • “Hiring Rebecca was the best decision we’ve made as new parents…Before Rebecca our son was waking up as many as 8 times per night, and we had grueling and chaotic night time rituals to put him to sleep. We were so tired, and nothing we tried seemed to work. In the first week with Rebecca our son got down to 4 night wakings, and we were seeing continual, fast progress. Now our son easily falls asleep on his own, and sleeps soundly for 10-11 hours without waking up even once. We highly recommend anyone who has a new baby sleep with challenges to get started with Rebecca immediately. Thank you Rebecca you are a sanity saver!”

    —Samara and Raphael Burnes

  • “We knew we needed some sleep help when our 17 month old was still waking several times through the night and our 3 your old who went to bed between 9:30-10:00 began waking up in the middle of the night too! We were really skeptical at first because we have read a lot of books and we knew what do to, it just wasn’t working. The personal attention to the kids 24 hour sleep schedule and specific strategies to work with each child really helped and our children now sleep all night.  Rebecca helped tweak our routines to encourage the kids to sleep without the ‘cry it out’ method. She was always patient and responsive.”

    —Jen F.


1:1 Package 1


1:1 Coaching Package 2


1:1 Coaching Package 3


  • I get how investing in something like this for your family can be challenging.

    But here’s the thing.

    One on one coaching gives you and your family a better night sleep as quickly as possible. I am looking at your child’s unique temperament, your parenting style and coming up with a plan that you are comfortable with and that is going to work for your family. No more searches of the internet in the middle of the night, you receive support and a clear plan to gently help your child get the best night sleep.

  • We can’t begin gently sleep training whilst your child is teething (and in pain) or unwell. Of course, these things happen regularly with children. If we do encounter an illness or a tooth popping through the gum, we simply put the package on pause. We look at ways to keep things as consistent as possible, and then we work on getting back on track as soon as we can.

  • Great question. The technique I use, The Michi Method, is a gentle sleep training technique. Actually, I think it’s the gentlest sleep training technique available. You pick up your child whenever you feel that you need to, you know that better than anyone, it’s not for me to tell you when that is. You soothe your child however you need to, you know the best way. 

    Of course, we have rules with the technique, but the basis is that you are always there with your child. They are going to cry, but you are with your child, and you pick them up and soothe them when they need the help. I don’t want you ever to feel uncomfortable with what you are doing or how you are helping your child. 

  • I usually work with families for between 4 and 6 weeks, as we are working with your unique child it may take a little less than 4 weeks, or it may take a little more than 6 weeks. We work with your family and your child’s temperament. I am not going to punish you by charging you more money because to get results we need to take things a little slower. We are guided by results, not time.

  • Sometimes I am unable to help you, and occasionally we won’t make any progress. If this is the case, I am more than happy to refund your money. I don’t want you thinking this is a risk; it’s an investment in your family. 

Would you like to discuss with Rebecca which package would be best for your family?

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