“After two years of being woke up every 20-45 minutes 24/7, I was desperate. My Husband and I were not seeing eye to eye and our we both had surpassed what was once our whit ends! Rebecca listened to our whole story. She listened to my fears, my concerns and she met me right where we were. No agenda on her part. No, my way or the highway. She met us with an open heart, an open mind, an open slate. Within three days, my non-stop nurser was not nursing at night any longer. Within a week, she was sleeping in her own bed. And all of this, without crying it out. Rebecca and my Husband and I treated our daughter like a human being. We did not dumb anything down for her nor did we discredit her discomfort and sadness for moving away from our family bed and away from the all-night milkies. Our life has been changed, and I humbly wish we’d called her earlier. For all of our sake..”

“I contacted Rebecca when my son was almost 6 months old. He was sleeping well at night but naps were horrible and he was terribly overtired. Rebecca really listened to my concerns and we came up with a plan to get him sleeping better during the day. She involved my young toddler too and our plan fit into our lifestyle. Rebecca offered encouragement and support when things were down and celebrated when they came back up. My son still sleeps well at night and is now sleeping in later, is consistently taking two good naps a day and going to bed at a reasonable time. I thank Rebecca from the bottom of my heart to help us have a happy baby!”

“We had become desperate – as first-time parents we were trying to do everything we could to help our daughter to fall and stay asleep but were having zero success.  Approaching the 7 month mark, we had read ALL of the books, talked to our doctors, tried to take advice from friends with children but nothing worked.  Our child’s health, our own health, our relationship and our work began to suffer. We were referred to Rebecca and signed on with the belief that we would be the family that she would not be able to help.  Our child was just too sensitive, high-needs and persistent.  But, methodically and consistently, Rebecca worked with us and supported us  and we began to make progress.  With each week that passed we were able to find that we were reaching new milestones together and things started making sense.  She was thorough, accessible, knowledgeable, and kind – all things that were so critical to our success. Now our daughter sleeps through the night and has grown fond of the sleep-time rituals we have in place.  We think she actually looks forward to bedtime.  It has been a tremendous relief to us as we feel better rested during the day and our fears of nighttime drama have gone away.  We highly recommend Rebecca to others who are at their wits end and are feeling more exhausted than they can bear.  Give her a few months and she’ll help give you back your sleep.”

“Thank you Rebecca!  Our spirited 6month old was pretty much sleep deprived during his first few months of life without us knowing it.  We all were exhausted by the time we reached out to Rebecca. From the very first phone call with Rebecca I knew that she would be able to help us. She met with us in person, met our little boy and put together a tailored plan specifically to suit  him. It took consistency and diligence on our end as parents, but the results speak for themselves. Now when our son isn’t sleeping very well if it’s not due to teething or illness we’re able to pin point the cause and I hate to say it but it’s because we (my husband and I) didn’t stick to the guidelines and approaches that Rebecca taught us. It’s so reassuring knowing what works, having a plan in place and basic sleep/self soothing tactics to use when needed. Our baby is now 9 months and a much happier well rested baby thanks to Rebecca.”

“Our 8 month old son had never been a good sleeper, but he suddenly was waking first 4 times a night, then 6, then at least 8 times each night. We tried crying it out twice with him. Each time he stayed up screaming all night long, and was terrified and exhausted the next day. The second time he vomited all over himself, and we called a halt to the crying it out experiment. In an attempt to calm him back down and make him comfortable with bedtime again, we tried co-sleeping. It didn’t help his sleep issues, and suddenly my husband and I were in different beds as we took turns co-sleeping with our son in the guest room. Our son was now having night terrors, and would often wake for hours in the night, screaming and refusing to sleep. I was worried he had a sensory disorder, and his pediatrician had no recommendation other than “cry it out.” It felt like our house was falling apart, and we couldn’t agree on how to help him. When he was 12 months old we learned I was pregnant again, and we decided something had to change. We found Rebecca. We tried her even though we didn’t have much confidence that our problems could be solved. She came up with an approach for our sensitive, stubborn and smart kid. It worked! Though he was angry the first few days, he never seemed terrified like he had with our previous attempts. Within a week he was in his crib, only waking a couple of times a night. Within a month he was sleeping through the night several times a week, and after three months he was largely sleeping through the night barring illness or travel. Rebecca helped my husband and I present a united front to our kid and to stop second guessing ourselves and feel comfortable sticking with a program. Now we’re even toying with the idea of trying to leave him with a sitter at night so we can go out to dinner before our second child arrives! We have our lives back, it’s amazing.”

“We went to Rebecca after it was taking many hours to get our 4 month old to bed. She would go down, wake up every 5-10 minutes, and so on for a good 1-2 hours every night. Honestly, we were skeptical about using a sleep consultant. However, we now have an 8 month old who sleeps either all night long or wakes for one brief night feeding. We could not have gotten here without Rebecca’s help and would highly recommend her to anyone struggling with their child’s sleep issues!”

“After many, many sleepless nights, lots of tears and long and exhausting days, we came across with Rebecca. We couldn’t believe it was possible to turn around our baby’s sleeping habits in such a small amount of time. Our 9 month old baby went from waking up to 8 times at night to only once to feed!

Rebecca’s passion and experience in helping families put us at ease and made this process smoother. She was always available to answer our questions in a prompt manner and very thorough the entire process. We know that parenthood doesn’t stop here and that we will have many other challenges as our baby grows and develops but we now have a very solid foundation and feel very confident about our ability to handle future bumps in the road. Thank you so very much, Rebecca, for giving us the gift of sleep!”

“When we called Rebecca, we were getting desperate. Our daughter was 4 months old, and her sleep seemed to be getting worse, not better — on bad nights, she was waking almost every hour. I was headed back to work, and I didn’t know how I was going to function. I read all the baby books, but they all called for something different — I knew I didn’t want to have our daughter “cry it out,” but I wasn’t sure which of the other methods would work. We called Rebecca…and within three days of starting the customized plan she developed, our daughter was only waking up once in 12 hours overnight!! We haven’t looked back — she is now 18 months old, and hasn’t woken up overnight in over a year. Plus, she loves her nap and bedtime routines, and she wakes up so happy every morning! If you’re thinking about calling Rebecca, do it. We still can’t stop talking about how amazing she is and how happy we are that we called her.”

“My husband and I finally hired Rebecca after going back and forth about it for a couple of months. Our little boy was 6 months old and, although every night we hoped THAT would be the night things would change, nothing changed. His sleep, honestly, wasn’t the “worst case scenario.” But for our family, sleep was not sufficient. I was sick of always being tired. I felt unhealthy and I knew that my baby needed more sleep than he was getting. He took naps, but they were so erratic in timing and length that activities could never be planned. The worst were the nights. I felt anxious every night, because I didn’t know if it would be good or bad. On bad nights, our son would wake up several times and at least one of those times he wouldn’t be able to get back to sleep for several hours (at times he would be up for 3 hours in the middle of the night as we tried holding/rocking/patting him, nursing, and finally, just letting him cry). He wasn’t growing out of it, like some people suggested might happen. We read & understood all the books & methods, but nothing seemed to work for our baby. What we needed was a professional who had worked with many little ones and could help us come up with something tailored to fit our baby and our family. We decided that Rebecca knew her stuff & we wanted to hire her. However, we were hesitant to spend the money for the coaching plan that would best help us. To anyone reading this who wonders if hiring a sleep coach is really “worth it” financially, let me say, “Yes! It is!” Make it happen. Your sanity and health, plus your baby’s health, is worth the sacrifices and budgeting necessary (if this is a concern for your family). Rebecca helped us put Leo on a schedule that he quickly adapted to. Within weeks I was able to actually put things on that calendar, knowing when his naps would be. On top of that, our little boy sleeps through the night with one quick feeding (and sometimes will sleep straight through till the morning). My husband and I are no longer anxious or sleep deprived, because my baby is consistently getting good sleep and so are we! When we finished working with Rebecca she left us with tools and hand-rails to be able to navigate the unseen bumps and challenges in the future as our son continues to mature. We are so thankful for her expertise and thankful that we did what it took to get the sleep that all three of us needed. Thanks, Rebecca!”

“My husband and I were beyond desperate for sleep. We had a baby who woke every hour to hour and half for 6 solid months. Now, he is 10 months old and sleeps through the night!! And it happened very fast this shift. Rebecca gave us concrete steps to follow and having someone to check in with every day was exactly what I needed to stay the course and make the changes we needed to make. My baby is so much happier and my husband and I are sleeping in the same bed again!! Life is  much better with sleep. I only wish I had called Rebecca sooner.”

“I just like to say thanks, I now have much more confidence in myself that I am doing the right thing for my baby. No more waking up every hour! Your eagerness to answer my questions was much appreciated.”

“When we first contacted Rebecca, we were co-sleeping with our colicky son and not by choice.  He woke so often in the night, it was almost impossible for me to function the next day and of course he was a terrible napper as well.  We decided that something had to be done.  I knew after my first phone call with Rebecca that she was exactly what we needed.  She explained that with children like mine, we had to take baby steps teaching him to fall asleep and stay asleep.  I almost didn’t believe her that it was possible!  I lacked the confidence to execute a plan.  I “thought” I knew what to do but I questioned if it was really the right thing.  I was terrified of establishing bad sleep habits.  Rebecca gave my husband and I confidence, support and guidance.  We went from our son sleeping in our bed waking at least every hour and and taking horrible naps to him sleeping all night in his crib with one wake up and two great naps each day!  It’s so nice to have some freedom and also have a happy, well rested child!! I can’t thank Rebecca enough.”

“Rebecca offered what my collection of sleep books did not—a tailored approach, troubleshooting tips, and constant support. She works hard to understand unique challenges and answers questions with patience and empathy. My 5 month old went from hourly wake-ups at night and 30 min naps during the day to sleeping through the night with 2 hour naps! Wholeheartedly recommend her to all parents who would like better sleep for their family!”

“We contacted Rebecca when our baby was 6 months old. Naps were nonexistent and bedtime was hopeless, with the little guy up every 1-2 hours ALL night through. I was exhausted, averaging just a few hours of total sleep at night. Something had to change, but nothing we tried worked. We’d just never experienced sleep issues with our toddler and were completely at a loss. Enter Rebecca. With her support and guidance, our spirited little baby became a consistent and reliable sleeper. It was a remarkable transformation…to have him go from needing to nurse to sleep and waking every 1-2 hours, to putting himself to sleep and sleeping 8+ hours in a stretch at night PLUS taking good naps! I highly recommend Rebecca to any exhausted parent. She really can help you get some sleep!”

“When we finally decided to contact a sleep coach we were well beyond our wits end! Our baby girl was waking up crying 5 or 6 times a night (on a good night) – sometimes up to 10 or more time – at almost 10 months old. And she needed our hands-on help to get back to sleep every time, which means neither of us had slept for more than a few hours at a time for almost 10 months!! And to top it off, we had to bounce her in our arms on a yoga ball for up to 20 minutes every time she went to sleep – naps, bed time, and night wakings. That’s a lot of bouncing and not much sleep. I only wish we had found Rebecca sooner. Within a very short period of time after talking with Rebecca and following her advice, our baby was sleeping through the night all on her own. She now goes to sleep by herself for naps and bed time and puts herself back to sleep if she wakes up in the night. It’s truly amazing the difference this makes in your life. The other night, she woke up with teething pains and was up for a few hours. The next day we were both exhausted and asked ourselves, “How did we do this for 10 months?” The thing is you don’t realize how sleep deprived you were until after you finally get some sleep. We were not willing to let our baby “cry it out”, so we read all the sleep books and tried everything you’ve tried. But you can’t compare to the years of hands-on experience and knowledge that Rebecca has. I would encourage anyone who’s having trouble getting your little one to sleep properly to consult with Rebecca immediately. You’ll all be so much happier. 🙂 Thank you, Rebecca!” Sincerely (and no longer sleep deprived).”

“Hiring Rebecca was the best decision we’ve made as new parents…Before Rebecca our son was waking up as many as 8 times per night, and we had grueling and chaotic night time rituals to put him to sleep. We were so tired, and nothing we tried seemed to work. In the first week with Rebecca our son got down to 4 night wakings, and we were seeing continual, fast progress. Now our son easily falls asleep on his own, and sleeps soundly for 10-11 hours without waking up even once. We highly recommend anyone who has a new baby sleep with challenges to get started with Rebecca immediately. Thank you Rebecca you are a sanity saver!”

“When I first contacted Rebecca, our family was totally sleep deprived. We started co-sleeping early on out of desperation because our daughter would wake up and cry whenever we tried to put her down. She always wanted to be snuggled up close to mommy to sleep. Co-sleeping went well in the beginning – it was good for my milk supply and made the middle of the night feedings more bearable. Over time she started waking up more and more and constantly wanted to suckle. I had become her human pacifier. She needed me to sleep at night and nap time. It was really tough. She would freak out whenever she woke up and I wasn’t there. At night she would wake up every hour to suck. We knew we couldn’t go on like that but were skeptical our daughter would ever take to sleeping in her crib alone. After attending one of Rebecca’s free sleep clinics, we decided to contact her for a sleep plan. We needed guidance and knew we could use the constant support. Rebecca’s techniques taught us how to soothe our daughter and ease her transition to the crib. It wasn’t easy but we saw progress each night which motivated us to keep going. In less than 6 weeks, our daughter is taking longer naps and sleeps through the night in her own crib. Rebecca always provided consistent advice to guide us back on track when issues came up along the way and we were impressed with how quickly she responded to our concerns. We cannot thank her enough for all she has done for our family!”

“After reading several books on sleep and hearing differing and conflicting advice from friends, it was such a relief to have a sleep expert tailor a program to our specific sleep needs.  Rebecca is such a pleasure to work with!  She gave us solutions to our exact problems and tailored her advice to our situation.  In a matter of days, our little one had learned to put himself back to sleep.  Amazing! Rebecca is very knowledgeable and comes prepared with handouts for you to follow along with when she is gone and you are facing the night on your own.  That way she is still with you.”


“Before working with Rebecca, the only way my daughter would go to sleep is by being rocked to sleep. Every night, my husband would carry her and climb up and down the stairs in our apartment building for an hour before she would fall asleep. The first night we tried all of Rebecca’s suggestions, our daughter fell asleep in her own crib without being rocked, and slept for 7 hours straight! That’s never happened before. Now our daughter falls asleep on her own and sleeps through the night. We could not have gotten here without Rebecca’s support. We cannot thank her enough for all her help! Our daughter went from a grumpy baby who was constantly tired, to a very happy 6 month old! Thank you so much, Rebecca!!!”

“Thank you so much for your caring help and support with getting our 11 month old daughter to sleep! We needed your direction and support to help train our daughter to have the important skills to sleep the whole through, unassisted! We started co-sleeping with our daughter when she was around 6 months old. Many factors led to this result, including my return to work and increased travel. I really enjoyed having her so close and it made the nursing through the night easier. However, my husband and I hit a point where we new this was not the best long-term solution and we wanted Lila to learn to sleep for her own well-being and healthy development. I was, however, confused and frustrated by all the books I read and suggestions I received. They all had conflicting data—ranging from the severe “cry out” to the gentle “no cry solution.” We were paralyzed by all of the information and couldn’t decide on a path that felt right for us. Rebecca was recommended to us by our fantastic Nanny, who had worked with her with another family. I was immediately impressed by Rebecca’s followup and thorough questioning to understand us and our specific situation. Through an in-depth questionnaire and a consultation meeting, Rebecca designed a program that met all of our needs! Most importantly, I didn’t feel that we were abandoning our daughter’s night-time needs and felt comfortable with the tactics we implemented! There were certainly hard times during the six weeks we worked with Rebecca—especially the first two nights! The first night, she cried—with us in the room—for 50 minutes! Rebecca was available during this time to help support us and give us the reinforcement we needed to be consistent with our daughter, while meeting her needs! The second night, she cried for 20 minutes. The third night, she cried for 3 minutes. After that, she didn’t cry at all!! It has now been 4 months since we worked with Rebecca. My 15 month old has been sleeping 11 hours consistently! We have had a few interruptions, like travel and teething, but the tactics we learn helps us to quickly get back on track! We are a happy, healthy and RESTED family. We couldn’t have done it without Rebecca’s help!!!!”

“Sleep books are great, but they aren’t the solution for every family. Our family was challenged with a grandma nanny who never put our daughter down in a crib for a nap and co-sleeping parents. Rebecca came into our home and took an assessment of our needs and provided a detailed plan that fit our family perfectly. Our 27 month old was up and out of our bed in no time and happily at that. The gentle nature of Rebecca helped ease our family into an effective sleeping plan that worked for everyone!”

“Our (I’m Patrick, my wife’s name is Paige) 22 month-old son Rowyn is a nice enough kid. Well groomed, vibrant, goes to sleep at night, etc. etc. However, he wasn’t always like this. In fact, there was this very bizarre period a few months back (a.k.a.“that time of which we will never speak again”) where, while remaining well groomed and vibrant, he distinctly lacked the very important “goes to sleep at night” quality he now possesses. The lack of this quality manifested itself by Rowyn teaching himself to projectile vomit in protest of having to go to sleep, followed by several hours of “partying” with my wife in the wee hours of the night watching Baby Einstein videos. Needless to say this took its toll on my wife, who bore the brunt of these episodes due to my complete lack of offering any kind of real assistance other than a mumbled, worthless “…are you ok honey…snort…zzzzz.” Luckily, my wife stumbled upon the existence of Rebecca Michi through the Ballard Moms blog/network. Rebecca is a parenting coach who (in our case) specializes in teaching confused, sleep deprived parents of 18-month old renegade sleepers how to make their kid(s) fall asleep. Rebecca literally saved our lives. Rebecca forecasted that if we followed her guidance Rowyn would stop barfing and sleep through the night within three days. We followed her instructions to a “T” and here’s what happened: Night #1: No puking, went to sleep after about and hour. Night#2: No puking, went to sleep after about 45 minutes. Night#3: No puking, went to sleep after about 5 minutes. To bring you up to date, he essentially goes to sleep every night now without any extra assistance. It’s a Rebecca Michi Miracle. The only exception is when he’s sick which of course doesn’t count ‘cause he’s just a sick little bugger. In addition to this amazing service, we decided to utilize Rebecca to help us with the infamous, dreaded “breaking of the bottle” process. Once again, after consulting with her, we simply followed the path she laid out for us and within two night Rowyn was going to sleep without being bribed with a bottle beforehand. So the highest praise and regard to Rebecca Michi as far as my wife and I are concerned. It was WELL worth a small fee to receive her guidance, save our sanity and have a healthy, well rested kiddo. Thank you Rebecca!”

“Rebecca entered our lives at a critical time: we recognized how much we were being affected by our 12 month old daughter’s many night wakings and need to nurse to sleep, and we needed hope, rest, and new techniques! We also wanted to be gentle and consistent with our delightfully spirited daughter; we didn’t want her to cry it out and didn’t think that would work with her sensitive and intense personality. I wanted to continue our special breastfeeding relationship; I just didn’t want it to be the only way she fell asleep (and sometimes even breastfeeding wasn’t getting her to sleep anymore). We needed help! Thankfully, my sister recommended Rebecca to us, and we called right away. From the very beginning, Rebecca listened to us and reassured us that she would help us tailor a plan that was right for our family, and she would be with us every step of the way. Our plan would evolve over time as our daughter gained better sleeping skills, or if something wasn’t working. Rebecca was generous, practical, calm, and kind, which is just what we needed. It was so nurturing to know we had an ally and supporter. Every time we spoke to her, she filled us with hope and confidence, while gently challenging us to take the next step. She believed in us and reminded us of the improvements we were making. She didn’t mind when I sent her emails at 3 am to express my frustrations if it was a particularly bad night! If our daughter was teething miserably, we would step back for a week or two and resume the plan once the teething ended. We stayed with our daughter as we taught her new skills for falling asleep on her own. We didn’t abandon her or let her cry alone. We picked her up and held her if she became truly upset, which is what our instincts had always told us to do. We stayed connected with our daughter’s needs and nurtured her. It wasn’t easy, but it was worthwhile. It was a journey, and continues to be. With Rebecca’s guidance, we enhanced sleep routines, created a more consistent daily schedule, ended the nursing-to-sleep association, lengthened nap times, helped our daughter learn to fall asleep in her crib, and worked together as a united front. I could write a long list of the improvements we saw in our daughter’s sleep! We worked with Rebecca for almost three months (from 12-15 months old). Now our daughter is 19 months old, and while her sleep still isn’t perfect (we don’t expect perfection, esp. if she’s teething or there are transitions in our lives), she has come so far. We thank Rebecca for starting us on the path of better sleep and giving us the confidence to trust our instincts and skills as parents.”

“A mere three months ago, our family was drowning in sleep deprivation and feeling absolutely trapped by the daily schedule we’d cultivated with our newly-three year old son.  He’d slept next to me in the family bed since his first, nasty cold at six months old.  While being warm, sweet, and natural to snuggle-up close all night long, after three years I needed to find out if I could sleep more than three hours in a row ever again; my husband and I needed to reclaim some togetherness time in and out of our bedroom; and I needed to make room for some long-denied adult independence. At the time I contracted with Rebecca to help recover our sanity, our son still woke up at least twice and often more during the night to nurse.  I nursed him to sleep in our bed at night and usually fell asleep myself at the same time.  I was the only one who could ‘put him to sleep.’  I felt trapped in my own bed most nights, dreading having to dissect my body off of his to go the toilet—or just to adjust my limbs during the night—only to wake him after all and start him screaming for me until I resumed my place in the permanent mattress depression next to him.  I couldn’t imagine getting to the place we envisioned:  our son sleeping willingly all through the night, without waking to nurse, in another bed and another room all by himself.  And I couldn’t have achieved all that and more without Rebecca’s expertise and tailored approach to solving our sleep and family issues. Thanks to her daily support and sleep wisdom, we didn’t even have much stress along the way–just a few pivotal moments that Rebecca predicted and prepared us for.  She guided us through all the transitions so gently—first changing the wake-bedtime schedules;  then, transitioning our son to his room with me sleeping on his floor;  then other steps that I almost forget (somehow ?), which lead in three months to our current standing. My son goes to sleep happily and usually quickly in his own bed, often with a father-only bedtime routine (sometimes with a little nursing before bed), and he usually sleeps through the night, as much as the average 3 year old does (ie, occasional wake-ups);  if he wakes up during the night, I just go in and sit in his room for a few minutes and go back to my bed.  Easy as pie!  A true test: he didn’t miss a wink when we traveled over the holidays and he slept perfectly in a new and separate bed from us;  it’s amazing.  A miracle.  Thank you, Rebecca!!”

“Being a second-time mom I thought I knew what I was doing and how to avoid dangerous sleep problems.  I was wrong.  We had a 2½ year old who STILL wasn’t sleeping well and a 6 month old who was starting not to sleep without me nursing her down or back to sleep.  Logically I knew what was wrong but I didn’t know how to get myself out of it. Rebecca was/is a life saver! She knew exactly what to do and helped me feel comfortable and supported in the days ahead. She got our 6 month old sleeping 8-9 hours straight very quickly and helped shed some light on what was going on with our 2½ year old.  She was incredibly supportive, responsive, and caring. I never felt that she was judging me or irritated when I would fall into old habits. I wish I knew about her with our first child. She is every parents ‘must have’ tool. Thank you Rebecca for finally giving our family some sleep!!”

“We knew we needed some sleep help when our 17 month old was still waking several times through the night and our 3 your old who went to bed between 9:30-10:00 began waking up in the middle of the night too! We were really skeptical at first because we have read a lot of books and we knew what do to, it just wasn’t working. The personal attention to the kids 24 hour sleep schedule and specific strategies to work with each child really helped and our children now sleep all night.  Rebecca helped tweak our routines to encourage the kids to sleep without the ‘cry it out’ method. She was always patient and responsive.”

“After weeks of having our 3½ year old wake in the middle of the night with tantrums that would take more than an hour to calm down, often waking her 15 mo. old sister in the process, we were totally ragged and desperate for help. We had heard Rebecca at a local parenting seminar and thought she might be able to offer some solutions. After observing our family and a few consultations, she was able to suggest changes that solved the core sleeping problem and within a couple of weeks we had found a new calm in our household. We have had Rebecca back for some refreshers and we knew it was working when our oldest said, ‘I think Rebecca needs to come back to help our family – Kate [her little sister] is waking me up.”

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